A Sister is a Little Bit of Childhood that Can Never be Lost


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Cheryl Meckley

In June of 1980, The Utah State CPS took my sister into the system to protect her from our abusive parents. In July of 2018, I learned she had been adopted. Because Utah is a closed record state, I know nothing of her and she of me. I'd love to reunite with her on her terms. The strongest memory I have of April is that she was my best friend. As I begin my search for her, I rekindled another lost love, that of writing. 

Searching for Sissy is where I write of my childhood, my life, and my search. 

April V Smith

Born April 9, 1970 in Salt Lake City Utah to Kathryn V Smith and Michael O Smith. She has been adopted and no other information available.

Sean Meckley

The patient and remarkable husband without which none of this search would be possible. 

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